Kevin's Pharmacy is independently located inside the Castle Shannon Shop N' Save

Services and Features

We take great care to provide extra features and amenities for you at Kevin’s Pharmacy. We know that medications and home health care can be tricky when balancing a busy life. Whether you can’t make it out to the pharmacy at a certain time, or because your kids don’t like the taste of the medication, we take the time to assist you through any difficulties.

A Healthy Selection of Services to Fit Your Life

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Allergic to a certain ingredient? Your kids can’t stand the flavor of a medication? Need a specific, non-standard dose? Our compounding services are here to help!


In-house Mail Delivery

Like to travel? Do you leave town on business a lot? Are you moving away but don’t want to lose Kevin’s servicese and expertise? Now you can enjoy the benefits of mail delivery with the comfort of knowing that Kevin’s Pharmacy at the helm.


Prescription & Grocery Delivery

Let us know in advance, and we’ll not only deliver your medications to your door, but your bread, eggs, milk, coffee, and juice as well!


Daily Dose Packaging

Our Daily Dose Packaging separates each day’s medications so you never miss a pill, and you can feel confident knowing that your prescriptions are being taken correctly.



Being healthy isn’t just about fighting off sickness; it’s about proactively choosing the right steps to take to keep illnesses away. That’s why we provide free immunizations throughout the year, right here at Kevin’s Pharmacy!


Discount Medications

No insurance? We guarantee to beat any competitors’ price on your prescription medication. We also are proud to offer many generics at $4 a prescription (call store for details or complete list of medication).

Daily Dose Kevin's Pharmacy

Patient Consultations

Each year, we’ll schedule a free consultation to discuss the different medications you’re taking, the potential side effects of those medications, vitamins and minerals to help restore balance to your system, and potential drug interactions of which you should be mindful.


Specialty Brands

Our research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals, and supplements are specially crafted for each patient’s unique health needs for a higher level of personalized, lifetime wellness care.


Shop ‘N Save Pump Perks

Although we’re an independent pharmacy, you can still earn Pump Perks on all of your purchases!


Late Night Options

To help make your life easier, we offer the opportunity to pick up and drop off prescriptions until midnight.