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Flu Shots in Castle Shannon

Flu Shots at Kevin’s Pharmacy in Castle Shannon

This year, we’ll be offering flu shots at my pharmacy here in Castle Shannon. Flu shots are an excellent way to help yourself stay healthy during the upcoming flu season. While we recommend that everyone gets a flu shot, we especially recommend getting a flu shot if you are elderly, at risk, or in any other situation where your body may have trouble fighting a virus.

While we’ve all had the flu and have typically recovered just fine, Influenza can be a deadly disease that is responsible for a number of hospitalizations in our area each year. Even healthy people can get sick and spread the flu to those who are not able to combat its effects so easily, so we recommend that everyone get a flu shot.

A flu shot creates antibodies (after about two weeks) that the body uses to fight off influenza throughout the flu season. While certain strains may occur that are not covered by the flu shot, the shots have been typically very good at preventing the likely strains of the influenza virus during a specific year’s flu season.

People who should not get the vaccine include those under six months of age, those who have suffered complications of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, those who are allergic to the shot or to chicken eggs, and those who may currently be moderately sick with a fever (it is recommended to wait until your health returns before getting a flu shot).

We’ll have more information about the flu shots here at Kevin’s Pharmacy in Castle Shannon in the upcoming weeks, so please feel free to check back or contact us and we’ll let you know when we’re going to provide the shots.

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